Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution – In case of severe shortage of folic acid

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution – In case of severe shortage of folic acid did not simply becomes aggressive, and hostile to the surrounding world, can develop Manias and paranoia. When there is heavy ongoing deficit folic acid it rapidly develops the worst human condition- megaloblastic anaemia that requires emergency treatment in a hospital setting. Otherwise, there can be a risk of death.

Vitamins B9 deficiency is vegetarians do not suffer, as eating lots of Greens and vegetables. And people often eat refined, overcooked and canned food; you must additionally take vitamin B9 in the form of drugs or vitamin complexes. Excess or an overdose of vitamin B9 – Folic acid is one of those vitamins that can be eaten in almost infinite quantities without consequences Tom Brimeyer Review

Excess folic acid, secured its flow in food products-situation of science fiction. It is unrealistic to eat enough Greens to start your diet with vitamins. Not only does vitamin B9 is non-toxic, it does not accumulate in the body. Its surplus not used for blood, cells, or other needs, removed from the body, leaving us a guaranteed daily need for acid.

When receiving large doses of synthetic drug vitamin B9 in children may appear anxiety, eating disorders and adult, in addition, cause sleep disturbance. The same overdose of folic acid is only possible if taken dose of more than a hundred times the body’s need is approximately 30 tablets per day for an adult human. Less excess of daily requirements, removed from the body without any consequences.


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